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Buying products and services through Las Vegas Bondage Classes.

Please read this document thoroughly before purchasing any products or services through the site. We have the right to change these terms at any point in time, it is your duty to check these terms and conditions regularly and before purchasing any products or services from Las Vegas Bondage Classes.

Terms of Sale

Last updated 02/11/2021


Las Vegas Bondage Classes offers products that are available for individuals over the age of 18 to purchase. Products found in the online store consist of adult bondage, shibari, and fetish products that include(but are not limited to): gags, chokers, bondage ropes, leather gear, restraints, impact toys, electronic and remote control pleasure toys, clamps, and other products that will be updated on a regular and consistent basis. 

Our goal is to provide the customer with the highest quality products and equipment for their personal pleasure experience. All of our products are purchased through a third party distributor and are not intended for resale. 

Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee that the product you ordered will be immediately available and there is a possibility that the product may be discontinued without warning. If you would like to wait until the product is available, we will send it out as soon as it is available. If you do not wish to wait for items that are on backorder, we are happy to either refund your money or replace items that are in stock, up to the amount that you had originally paid. If the new order is more, you will be responsible for any additional payment and any difference in total price will be refunded to you (if it is due). 

All products show the price at which they are for sale. If there is sale, the discounted price will be listed. We will occasionally offer promotional prices or discounts, which can be redeemed with a code at checkout. Each product has NV state sales tax and Clark County sales tax which is included upon checkout. 

Please allow 2 - 3 business days for processing your purchase. When your order has been processed by our staff, you will receive an email with your tracking number. 

Las Vegas Bondage Classes is not responsible for the manner in which customers use products that are purchased from this website. It is solely up to the customer to ensure that products are being used in conjunction with their intended use. Las Vegas Bondage Classes is not responsible for any injuries or issues resulting from the purchase of products from

Product Warranty

We offer a 30-day warranty on all of our products. We understand that returns are sometimes a necessary process when products are purchased online. With this understanding, we are happy to provide our customers with a Satisfaction Guarantee on our entire line of products.

Defective Items


If you or your customer received a defective item, you may return it within 30 days from receipt of delivery. You will need to contact our Customer Service department at In the body of the message, please reference the item number, order number and explain the defect on the item. If the defect is visible we will require photos sent to us displaying the defect on the item. Please have all this information available when contacting us.

If a replacement is desired, the defective item will be replaced upon validation of defect.

Unwanted Items


If you or your customers are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of receipt of delivery. *All returned items that are not defective will be assessed a 20% restocking fee. To initiate a return, please contact our Customer Service team at

Shipping Policy

Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart during checkout before payment is processed.

Shipping costs is calculated using the least expensive carrier based on the delivery time you select and the shipping weight of the order.

Las Vegas Bondage Classes only ships within the continental US. 

Order Processing

We ask our customers to please allow 2-3 business days for their orders to be processed and shipped. 

In the event that a back order occurs, you will receive notification via email. Backorders are shipped as they become available at no additional ship charge. If you would like more information on a back ordered item, or if you prefer to cancel the back order, please email your request to referencing your order number.

Domestic Shipping:

Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of checking out. 

We offer the following methods:

  • First Class (5-7 Business Days)

  • Priority (3-5 Business Days)

  • Priority Express (1 business Day)

We utilize the following carriers:

  • USPS

  • UPS

  • Ontrac


This is an exclusive, members-only community. We background check every individual who wants to become a member and take a form of ID to ensure the identity and age. 

Anyone can apply to be a member, and all members who apply will be background checked before being accepted as a member of the community. Once the background check is approved, the applicant will be notified by e-mail of their membership status. Applicants who have been accepted as members will then have the ability access all areas of the site including booking classes, workshops, and experiences. 

We reserve the right to deny or block any member from our community.


Las Vegas Bondage Classes is an exclusive community that offers private content, forums, classes and workshops that are available for our members to access. All of our classes are taught by independent instructors who may be accompanied by "rope assistants". Each instructor and rope assistant works totally on their own schedule and is solely responsible for the content that is taught in their class. Each of our instructors and rope assistants are background checked before being approved to work as a contractor with Las Vegas Bondage Classes. Las Vegas Bondage Classes is not responsible for the content of any of the classes, workshops or experiences.

When booking a class through the client is responsible for researching and choosing an instructor that will most appropriately meet their needs. Our services are very personal, and our goal is to provide each of our members with an unforgettable and unique experience. ​

All community members who plan to book a Private Class, Group Class or Specialty Experience must first attend and complete the Preliminary Class before booking and attending any private class or experience. This class lasts approximately 15 minutes and will be performed over video. This is a discovery meeting that ensures:

  1. The client(s) and instructor meet virtually before meeting in person

  2. The client(s) and instructor feel that they are a good fit for one another for the private class or experience

  3. The client(s) has the opportunity to discuss any medical concerns (both mental and physical)

  4. The client(s) has the opportunity to ask any questions they may have

  5. The location that will be used for any private class is deemed safe and has the appropriate amenities 

  6. The client is aware of the location and address provided by the instructor(s) for the workshop 

  7. The instructor can prep the client with basic information on what to expect for the class

  8. The instructor understands the client's level of expertise

  9. The instructor can make appropriate recommendations or changes needed to ensure a safe, fun, and educational class

Clients have the option to choose between a private class located wherever the client is staying, or clients can attend workshops that are held by our instructors at the instructor’s chosen address. 


In the case that the client chooses a private one-on-one class with the instructor, it is the duty of the client to provide a safe location and environment for the class to be conducted. In the event that the instructor doesn’t deem the location to be safe, the instructor has every right to change the location of the class. In the case that the location is changed, it is solely the responsibility of the client to arrange for transportation independently. 


Any class that consists of two or more individuals or is more than one couple is a Group. We understand that larger parties may want to book our services and we will do our best to accommodate your needs but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. 


Clients are completely responsible for any transportation to or from the location where any workshop is being held. This is not the responsibility of Las Vegas Bondage Classes or its affiliates. It is strictly prohibited to ask any affiliate for transportation.

We are aware that our clients have various skill levels and interest in different areas of expertise. It is the duty of the client to choose an instructor that will be appropriate and in-line with the goals of the client. 

Clients assume all potential risks associated with any of the classes and workshops that are booked through This includes any risks (mental or physical) that include but are not limited to: triggered behaviors, recollection of previous traumas, mental instability, burns, cuts, scratches, potential contact with bodily fluids, bruising, sprains, broken bones, or even potentially death. It is the duty of the client to be open and honest with The Company and any affiliates about any potentially debilitating conditions (mental or physical), any ailments, or any potential emotional triggers. Without this knowledge Las Vegas Bondage Classes and its affiliates will not be able to provide accurate and safe recommendations and instruction. 

Precautionary Measures Taken to Protect You

Because of the intimate nature of our business it is our Company policy that all clients and instructors must cancel the class if any party is feeling ill or thinks that they might be sick. We can reschedule your class.



All payments must be made in full through before the booking is complete. If additional class time is allotted and agreed upon by both the instructor and the client, the additional balance will be charged to the account on file within 2 business days. 

Tips are encouraged and recommended, especially if the customer enjoys their experience. We recommend tipping in cash, but will have the option to tip electronically if the customer chooses to tip with this method instead. 

Location of Services


All “Preliminary Classes” are held virtually, and are up to the discretion of the instructor on what platform they would like to utilize. 


All private “Classes” are held at a location of the clients’ choosing, which must allow for: adequate and appropriate space, be free of distractions or potential complications, and may be held in a private residence, studio, or other agreed upon space.

Cancellation & Rebooking Policy

There is a 72 hour cancellation period; parties may cancel at no additional cost and will receive a full refund up until three days before the scheduled class. Any class that is cancelled or rescheduled between 24 and 72 hours before the scheduled class will be refunded 75% of what was initially paid to book the appointment and the Company retains 25% of what was paid. Classes that are cancelled 24 hours or less before the scheduled class start will be refunded 50% of what was paid, the Company retains the remaining 50%. 

All no-shows will be charged the full price paid and not refunded at all. 

Clients will receive one complimentary class rescheduling as long as the Private Class is rescheduled 72 hours or more in advance from the scheduled start time. There is a $65 rescheduling fee when the Private Class is rescheduled more than once outside of the 72 hour window OR any time the class is rescheduled within 72 hours of the scheduled class start time. 

The Company offers a ten minute grace period for late customers. Any amount of time after this is optional for the contractors whether they can or choose to stay to accommodate the customer. Anything past the ten minutes will be considered a no-show and the customer will be charged the full price. 

Our contractors have the right to refuse to perform services or discontinue with the class should any client appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, are acting erratically or unsafe, or behaving in a manner that they do not feel that they will be able to move forward with either the class or workshop with the necessary safety precautions. In this case, the client will be charged the full price of the class without receiving any retribution and may be banned from booking classes in the future.


Unsatisfied Customers

Our goal is that all clients have the opportunity to work with an instructor they feel comfortable exploring bondage with. If after attending the Preliminary-Class, the member(s) do(es) not feel comfortable or choose(s) not to move forward with the instructor that was originally chosen, the member will have the opportunity to choose another instructor for a second Preliminary Class, free of charge. Las Vegas Bondage Classes will allow this change once, otherwise the client will be expected to pay for the following Preliminary Class(es). Please reach out to with the subject line “Preliminary Reschedule” and your last name so that we can assist you as fast as possible. 

We recommend all clients to book the Preliminary Class far enough in advance to ensure that if this does happen, there will not be any potential discrepancies in scheduling. If the member chooses not to move forward with pursuing an in-person class, the $25 for the Preliminary Class is non-refundable. 

All of our instructors, rope assistants, and clients are background checked for the safety of all parties involved. Your feedback is extremely important to us in reinforcing the quality of contractors we offer. Please understand that because of the nature of our business, all concerns that are brought to our attention are taken extremely seriously; for that reason we ask you to be honest as you could be very well affecting the reputation and livelihood of our affiliates. 


Any client who is found to have had falsified any reports, provided false information, or promoted slanderous and/ or defamatory remarks against Las Vegas Bondage Classes and any of our affiliates will be banned from the website and will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. 


For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact our Customer Service team at and we will be happy to assist you. 




By booking any class, workshop, or experience through our website, each client gives express consent and permission to the Instructor in which they are booking to complete the session. Consent is:


  • Given explicitly, freely, and enthusiastically

  • Given without any level of coercion

  • Given without any level of impairment


Consent can be revoked at any time by the client; it is the duty of the client to communicate clearly with the Instructor in the case that they choose to revoke consent. 


Consent cannot be given for, and our affiliates are forbidden for accepting consent for any sort of physical harm including (but not limited to) slapping, punching, breaking of skin, or any abrasions. 

Customer Expectations

Las Vegas Bondage Classes upholds the health and safety of customers, instructors, and assistants. In doing so, we expect customers to adhere to certain requirements: 

  1. Pass a Preliminary Background Check: Each potential customer is required to fill out their own individual application in which each customer will be background checked. Automatic disqualification includes but is not limited to: history of violent crimes, domestic violence, and/or being on the sex offender registry.

  2. Show ID Before Every Class: Customers must be at least 18 years of age to become a member. All customers must present a valid ID at the beginning of the class to prove their identity and verify they are of legal age. 

  3. Provide a Safe Environment for Instruction: As a customer, you understand and agree that the class will be held wherever you are staying. It is your responsibility to ensure that the space provided is a conducive environment to learning safely in. If you book a class, the instructor has the right to refuse service to you if your space is not adequate or safe for the class. In some cases the instructor may request that the class location be moved to a place that will allow for the class to be completed safely and as intended. There will be times when specific equipment may be necessary to complete the class: it is possible that the instructor will deny your request if you do not have the equipment necessary. For example, aerial classes may require eye-hooks in the ceiling or other special suspension equipment which may not be easily accessible or transported. 

  4. Solicitation of Sexual Favors is Strictly Prohibited: Our classes are strictly educational and for entertainment purposes only. The classes offered are not an offering for sexual activity, and, offering any compensation or pursing any sexual acts with anyone related to The Bondage Co. Ltd. is strictly prohibited. Any solicitation will lead to immediate cancellation of the customer’s membership.

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