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Meet Your Instructors

Connecting you with Shibari pros in Las Vegas. Each class designed for you personally. 

Black and white headshot of shibari instructor Marshall Bradford

Hello, I'm Marshall

A little about Marshall: He is a Las Vegas rope enthusiast and fine art photographer as well as one of the leaders of the Las Vegas Rope Social. His passion in the community is as rope educator; he is a lover of all things rope and has a desire to improve his rope skills as well as others'. Many of his classes are based on modifying rope techniques to fit a style that work for the individual's needs. As such it's not about how you look to others doing rope but about making a connection with the person you are playing with and having fun!

Determine where your class happens:
- Marshall's studio
- Your hotel/ Airbnb
- A public space such as a park
- Or reach out if you have other ideas

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