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Has the art of Japanese rope bondage ever sparked your interest? Or maybe you're still not entirely sure what it is... Shibari is an ancient Japanese method of restraining an individual which has gained popularity over the years in the BDSM community and is equally accepted as both a dangerous and meticulous art form.

If you've had fantasies about tying up your partner but didn't know where to start, want to learn a unique skill that will certainly impress others, or maybe you'd like to spice up your life in the bedroom... Here at Las Vegas Bondage Classes we aim to provide our clients with a solid foundation for your future shibari endeavors with our private and personalized classes.  

We offer Las Vegas' most prestigious private shibari education that comes directly to wherever you're staying. Whether you are looking for your next date night idea, something to cross off of your Sin City bucket list, or an unforgettable bachelor/ bachelorette party we have something for all skill levels. Why don't you live a little... or a lot?

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Shibari, originating in Japan as a means of restraining people, more recently came to America where the Japanese word literally meaning "to bind" was turned into a modern art form and oftentimes sexualized practice, better known as kinbaku. 

Although more so in Western cultures, Japanese rope bondage is frequently related to BDSM and other similar lifestyles. Shibari can be used for a multitude of reasons including meditation, releasing oxytocin in one's body, deriving physical or mental pleasure, or simply for the aesthetic joy that it brings.

Shibari can be for anyone, but it's extremely important to know what you're doing as it is one of the most dangerous ways to play. And let's be real: there are definitely some (un)popular preconceived notions about Japanese Rope Bondage such as: all rope play is sexualized, shibari is not for larger people, or you need a partner to practice shibari - all of which can be debunked...


Shibari and kinbaku can take many forms, for some it is basic bedroom bondage while for others it is a specialized craft. It is unique in the fact that it is an art form that must be practiced, repeated, and built upon. 


Here at Las Vegas Bondage Classes, we choose the most seasoned, sought-after shibari artists in Las Vegas to provide you with a one-on-one private rope experience for all skill levels. We don't believe in cookie-cutter instructors or class material, each experience is personalized to your previous experiences, desires, and skills. Meet the instructors here and let us help introduce you to the world of Japanese rope bondage here in sinful Las Vegas!

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Private Shibari Classes

1.5 hr

Private class

A 1.5 hour private and personalized shibari class that comes to wherever you're staying in Vegas. For singles, couples, and those who want to self-tie.

Shibari Group Workshops

1.5 hr

2 or more people

A 1.5 hour shibari workshop for two or more individuals or couples, held at the instructor's place of choosing in Las Vegas.

Specialty Experiences

Time varies

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Specialty experiences and classes uniquely designed by each instructor. Studio photography, aerial rigging & more.



We offer educational and fun shibari classes and experiences in Las Vegas for all skill levels including one-on-one private classes, group classes, and rope bondage experiences. All of our beginner's classes last 1.5 hours and come with a complimentary jute rope that you get to take home with you. 

We offer a variety of local Las Vegas instructors each of whom have a unique approach to shibari (learn more about them here) and a variety of classes to suit most needs (learn more about the classes here). Please request site membership to get started (it's free & helps keep our community safe) and if you are looking for something not listed, please reach out to us. Come get knotty with us <3

Shop our selection of shibari and bondage products, sure to help you explore, excite your senses and have some fun!