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Find your answers here. 


Allow us to do just that by reading through our FAQs, and if you still have any questions you're welcome to contact us and we'll be happy to clear that up for you. 

  • How do I book a class?
    In order to book a private class follow these steps: Apply for membership (Click the red "BOOK NOW" up top) and fill out the membership application Membership approval can take up to 72 hours, please plan accordingly Receive your approval email! You can either choose and book directly with an instructor here: or you can book your class based on open availability here: Book your Preliminary Class first - It must be booked no sooner than four hours before the private in-person class. This is virtual and can be taken anywhere at any time. Book your Private Class and time to get knotty!
  • Where do classes happen?
    We have a few different options: Preliminary Classes: a short discovery session that held virtually, you can take this class anywhere at any time. Private Classes: these are held in person in a neutral space that is free of distractions, has plenty of space, and that all parties feel comfortable in. We recommend a hotel room, public park, or other public area. Group Workshops: right now, LVBC is hosting the public group workshops at The Drawing Room in The Arts District. Location is subject to change.
  • What's the difference between the classes?
    Preliminary Class: this is a MANDATORY virtual discovery meeting with your potential instructor that happens before any private class if you have not previously attended a Private Class. It is up to the discretion of your instructor on the platform they want to use. Private Classes: these are private, one-on-one shibari instruction classes. Each one is private and personalized, lasting 1.5 hours. We have options for couples, singles, and groups (request a group quote here). Group Workshops: these workshops are open to the public and are in a group setting, each one focusing on unique aspects of shibari and our instructors' unique approaches to Japanese rope bondage. Tickets will be available ahead of time.
  • How far apart do I need to book the Preliminary Class and the Private Class?
    The Preliminary Class must be taken at least four hours before the Private in-person class. This allows sufficient travel time and any last minute details our instructors may need to plan for before your class. Great news is the Preliminary Class is virtual, so it can be taken anywhere at any time.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    We will be happy to refund your money when you cancel 72 hours or more in advance. If you cancel less than 72 hours in advance, you will be charged 25% of your total bill. No-shows will be charged full price. When you book a spot with our instructors, no one else will be able to book with them during this time period so we want to ensure they have adequate time to refill that spot should you choose to cancel.
  • What age do I have to be?
    Our website/ social media, products, and classes are strictly available to adults18 years and up. For children under the age of 18, we recommend seeking other arrangements during the time of the class. Otherwise we have the right to cancel the class at no refund to you.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy. What does this mean?
    This includes both unacceptable and unwarranted behavior as well as any indication that you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our specialists have the right to refuse service and leave at any moment if there is any reason they are uncomfortable, unwarranted advances/ comments are made, or they feel they cannot safely complete the class. We thank you for making this a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • What kind of clothing can I wear?
    Keep in mind that LVBC is an educational service and that there is no nudity allowed. This is for the safety of both our clients and our instructors. Some example of what you can wear: * Tight-fitted clothing * Workout clothing * Lingerie * Clothes that allow for maximum movement Some examples of what's not appropriate: * Nudity * Extremely baggy clothing * Clothes that restrict movement
  • What is your late policy?
    We understand that sometimes things don't go as planned; our team will wait 10 minutes for you if you're running late. After this it is up to the discretion of your instructor (and rope assistant, if applicable) on whether or not they will wait any longer (based on their availability). It is your duty to communicate with your instructor in the case that you will be running late. Classes are time-sensitive and you are not guaranteed reimbursement for any lost time. If our team cannot accomdate, you will be charged as a no-show.
  • What is your tipping policy?
    If you enjoyed your experience and would like to tip your specialist or model, we ask that you do so in cash. You will have the option after your class is completed to tip with card. They get to keep 100% of the tip and is always appreciated!
  • How far will you travel?
    We must ensure that our experts and assistants have enough time between scheduled classes. Our maximum travel distance is 15 miles in any direction from the Las Vegas Strip. In the case that you are further than 15 miles, we will do our best to accomodate you with a appropriate timing blocked and a travel fee included. Please reach out for any questions.
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