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Read this and be about it. 

No ifs ands or buts... We take this seriously. Our goal is to create a safe, educational and most importantly fun place for all of our members. 

  • Be non-judgmental and open to new experiences. Let’s be honest, each of us has our own desires… don’t be ashamed! We want our clients to trust our instructors and assistants (and vice versa) regardless of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, personal preferences, desires, or experience level. 

  • 100% consent, 100% of the time. It is imperative that our clients, instructors, and assistants feel comfortable in what they are doing. As with any successful relationship (especially in this world), all parties must give consent to perform the task at hand. If you don’t feel comfortable, please speak up! 

  • Privacy & security are paramount. Our clients’ and contractors’ privacy, security, and safety are of utmost importance. Protection of personal information is paramount; we promise that we don’t share your information with anyone. We understand that you may want to remain incognito, and we totally respect that. Unless there is written consent, we do not allow for photos to be taken or posted. 

  • Be respectful. Both our clients and our professionals are in a vulnerable situation, we do not tolerate any derogatory, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or sexual remarks. Remember, this is an educational class, not an experience that provides sexual favors or advances. 

  • Communication is key. It’s important that our clients communicate freely about what they expect from us: their likes and dislikes, what makes them uncomfortable, and how they are feeling (emotionally and physically) throughout the process. Please remember, we aren’t mind readers and we don’t know what we don’t know!

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. This is an adult-only experience for everyone involved. If you’re under 18, you will be politely asked to leave before we can proceed with any portion of the class. 

  • Keep private conversations private. We understand that this is an extremely intimate experience and that expressing and discussing your wishes and untold desires may be scary. What happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas. Keep the private conversations to the ears of those in the room. 

  • Have fun, but be smart! Creating a memorable experience is what we aim for, however, we expect this to be done in a smart and safe environment. Our professionals have the right to refuse service to anyone who seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is acting erratically, or that they deem to be unsafe to continue the class. 

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