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Meet Your Instructors

Connecting you with Shibari pros in Las Vegas. Each class designed for you personally. 


Hello, I'm Amy

Amy Morgan is an International Shibari practitioner, educator, and performer who has been spreading the joy of Shibari and Japanese rope bondage since 2004 and has been an active part of the public kink scene for over 20 years. Her own rope education largely stems from her travels to Japan and Europe to study under some of the best masters of the art. Her passion for rope bondage runs deep and is paralleled only by a few. She was the first North American to perform at the prestigious London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage in London UK in 2012. Amy has provided rope education on four continents and has taught numerous Shibari intensives throughout North America. She is also a dedicated martial artist for over ten years currently holding the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in two different styles of karate as well as recently attaining the rank of Shodan in the art of Kyudo.

Determine where your class happens:
- Amy's studio
- Your Airbnb or home
- A public space such as a park
- Or reach out if you have other ideas

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